The Importance of Having an Uninterruptible Power Supply System

Not many successful businesses can function efficiently without a power supply system. The power source ensures you get the supply you need for heating, lighting, refrigeration and other crucial functions that support the business. However, you cannot rely on the main power supply because blackouts happen when you least expect them. You should get an uninterrupted power supply system to push you through the days when you do not have electrical power. Read More 

Why Use an HDMI Extender?

If your current HDMI set-up isn't delivering the results you want on your TV, then you should look at adding an extender to your system. How does an extender work and what are the benefits of using it? What Is an HDMI Extender? An HDMI extender connects HDMI cables with CAT ethernet cables. It allows the two types of cables to come together and work as a single unit via a transmitter and receiver system. Read More