Why Use an HDMI Extender?

If your current HDMI set-up isn't delivering the results you want on your TV, then you should look at adding an extender to your system. How does an extender work and what are the benefits of using it?

What Is an HDMI Extender?

An HDMI extender connects HDMI cables with CAT ethernet cables. It allows the two types of cables to come together and work as a single unit via a transmitter and receiver system. It allows an HDMI cable to connect to a CAT cable and vice versa by setting up a compatible data transfer between them.

The extender is a box-like device. You plug an HDMI cable into a port on one side of the box. You then plug your CAT cable in an appropriate port on the other side. Once you turn the extender on, it converts and connects the signals from both cables so that they work as a single input or output source.  

What Are the Benefits Of Using an HDMI Extender?

Sometimes, your TV cables don't deliver the quality results you want. Your display might lag, stutter, lose its image, or pixelate even if you have a nice TV system.

If you set up an HDMI extender, then the combined power of the two cables should fix the problem. Your signals will transfer and transmit seamlessly so you should have a better viewing experience.

These problems also sometimes happen because you have to run an HDMI cable over too long a distance. While these cables do an effective job, they lose some of their transmission quality as they get longer.

If you have an HDMI extender, then you can keep your HDMI cable short so that it works to optimum efficiency. The CAT part of the system is better suited to cover transmission over a distance, so it can pick up the slack.

Extender systems are also useful if you have to lay cabling through walls or around obstacles. HDMI cables typically have large connector heads, so you might have to do some DIY work to get a cable through a wall or around an obstruction.  

CAT cables have a much smaller and less obtrusive profile, so you should find them easier to install. Your HDMI cable will be easier to fit if you can connect it to the extender box close to your TV.

For the best results, look for high-performing extender systems and cables.

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